New Age I Server is OPEN – Evony Server 182

That’s right – there is a brand new server for you to compete with a level playing field. There is no better way to get good than to practice, so jump in, build your city, build your army and start kicking around the neighbors!

Not ready to leave your current server? No problem! You can play on more than one!

Good luck, we’ll see you on the battlefield –


What it takes to get a Promotion to Viscount

Ever wonder what it takes? Check it out!

 Evony Promotion to Viscount requirements

That’s right, it takes:

– 80,000 Gold
– Rank of Colonel
– Prestige above 8k
– 10 Honor Medals
– 5 Courage Medals

Power of Pikeman – Advanced Attack Strategy

There are certain troops that do damage in certain areas, and sometimes to certain other troop types.  The good thing about the Pikeman is that they’ll go directly to attacking Cavalry if given the right opportunity.  Check out this War Report!

That’s an impressive kill ratio during an attack!  The Pikeman have a combined total attack of 15 million while the total defense of 14,971,860.  The numbers don’t add up there, especially with the other defenses so this is an underground tactic that can cause some SERIOUS damage to your victim.  Try it out and see for yourself!

Honor Explained: How to get it, how to get rid of it

There is a lot mystery surrounding Honor – the War Reports don’t really tell where the honor comes from or what it does for you so I’m going to break that down.

Honor is a representation of a player’s troop action, but not necessarily a linear one.  Having a high honor will mean that you heal less troops when in battle vs. another player.  Troop losses can often range from 50% if you have low honor and 10% if you have high honor.

You gain honor by losing more troops in battle vs. another player, the calculation is not based on troop amount but total resource amount that goes into all of the lost troops.  For instance, 1 Archer requires 300 food, 350 lumber and 300 iron to build whereas a Ballista requires 2500 food, 3000 lumber and 1800 iron to build so the loss of a Ballista would gain honor in a fight where 1 Archer and 1 Ballista are lost in a fight against eachother.

You lose honor by losing less troops in battle vs. another player, the calculation again is based on total resources lost.  There are some great ways to lose honor like:

  • Sending troops without layers to attack another player – for instance sending 100k Archers on attack will be a VERY inefficient attack and you are likely to lose all of them with very little damage, this is certain to lose a large amount of honor.

The possible tactic here is that you can wear down an opponent by simply having more troops to throw at a battle against a defender.  After you lose significant number of troops when attacking you will lose enough Honor – probably to 0 – and build up your opponents honor enough that they will only heal 10% of their losses while you’re healing 50% of losses from your attack.  This sort of Tactic favors players who spend large amounts of time on the game, especially those who farm for resources regularly – to learn more about that you can check out our Speed Farming tactics here:

Instant Construction of Wall Defenses

Now that we know that Instant Troops aren’t a myth we can guess that Instant Wall Defenses are available as well.  That being said it is MUCH harder to get them because you aren’t likely to be beating your Politics hero against lvl 10s to level it up (although it isn’t a bad idea).  Take a look at the requirements below, including a column that shows what level you need if you have Wealth of Nations applied.  Check it out:

Instant Construction of Wall Defenses

Mech Wave Basics

When mech waves are useful:

Mech waves are the perfect wave to send when your opponent has a lot of fodder (workers, warriors, pikes, swords), archers to back up that fodder, and has traps and/or abatis.  Also, mech waves work even when the opponent is online!  For me, there are two great approaches to killing the army above.  One involves some waves designed solely to kill the fodder followed by some scout bombs until it can be wiped out with 100k phracts.

The other way is in the picture.  Both work very well, but the mech wave takes far less waves to wipe out the city and therefore is the fastest way to wipe out a city in case he is on or someone can log into the defender’s account to save him with a different attacking method.  Mechs are very slow moving, however, and eat tons of food so there are downsides as well.

The reasons it works (in brief):

Mechanical waves (or “mech waves”) are attack waves that utilize ballista, catapults, and/or battering rams to hit the enemy. The best waves, however, utilize all three types of mechs as shown above. The main advantages of the troops lies in the following:

1. Ballista and catapults have the greatest range in the game (outside of city defenses) and therefore get to shoot at the defending troops at a safe distance.

2. Battering rams have tons of life (they start at 5000 life with 0 technologies while an archer starts at 250) and therefore rams take a long time to die.

This wave takes advantage primarily of the ballista and catapult range to take out all of the defending troops. The rainbow on the attacking wave helps slow down the defending troops from approaching the attacking mechs too quickly and allows the attackers to do the most damage before they take any hits.

Lvl 10 Speed Farming SECRET

Crazy Awesome Lvl 10 Farming Secret

Instant Troops – NOT a myth!

Need troops?  Need troops right NOW?  Well here’s how:

We’ve all heard murmurs about Instant Troops and I, for the longest time, was certain this was a myth… Boy was I wrong.  Instant troops means the training time is Zero, Zip, Zilch, 0, nothing.  You get the idea.

Of course there is only one thing that determines the training time of a troop, it is the attack value of the currently appointed Mayor.   Here’s a chart to show you what attack value you’ll need to get for each!

EDIT:  We’ve updated this chart to show what level is required when Excalibur is applied.

Instant Troops

Top 10 Signs You’re Addicted to Evony

10. When, despite no knowledge of engineering or carpentry, you manage to build a working trebouchet in your back garden.

9. When the National Heritage Trust writes to you asking you to cease planting flags with your name in local forests.

8. When you drive by a forest and wonder “How many archers?”.

7. When you have the judge tell you that mailing your neighbours telling them to “move out of my territory or else” is anti-social behavior.

6. When ordering a pizza you give your coords instead of address.

5. When people ask if you had a nice Christmas and you say….Christmas? When did that happen?

4. When you see a TV footage of a North Korean military parade and think “I could take him”….

3. When you go to the racetrack and keep looking for abatis.

2. When you have to rebuild a trap after the postman delivers.

1. When you legally change your name to your server id.

War Report of the Week: Ass Kicking Cavalry

Don’t underestimate the importance of keeping layers in your city.  If you don’t you can fall victim to something as ridiculous as this!

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