How to Recruit a Killer Hero

Recruiting an awesome hero isn’t difficult or expensive like most people say. It just takes some know how.

You need to complete the following four steps:

  1. Calculate a heroes’ base statistic
  2. Find a good hero
  3. Have an open spot in the Feasting Hall
  4. Recruit your killer hero.

1) Calculate a heroes’ base stats

To find a base statistic you want to know what the heroes value of a certain attribute (Politics, Attack or Intelligence) is at lvl 1.

Take Heather for instance.  Level 13, so if all her points (you get one point per level) are applied to her Attack value her base stat is 37.

Attack Value 49 – 13 (Level) +1 = 37

According to our Guide to Heroes 37 is a crappy base value!

2) Find a good Hero:

There are three different ways to look at new heroes

  1. Check your Inn constantly:  New heroes show up in the list every so often so you could make a habit of checking your Inn regularly until you find the hero you’re looking for.  This can be slow, tedious and boring.
  2. Use Hero Hunting: Your Inn has a button on the left upper side that says ‘Refresh’.  Click this to use Hero Hunting to refresh your list of possibilities.  The downside is that you may run out of hero hunting and it costs game cents to buy more!
  3. Crush and Rebuild your Inn: This is the chosen method for the majority of Evony players who don’t have Thousands of dollars to spend on the game.  Each time you build an Inn it will show a new hero.  This takes (relatively) little time and can be done while working on other game development tasks.

Guide to Hero Stats:

  • Crappy Base Stats: 54 and below
  • Good Base Stats: 55 – 64
  • Great Base Stats: 65 – 77
  • Phenomenal Base Stats: 78+

3) Have an open slot in your Feasting Hall

To do this you just need to click on your Feasting Hall.

And count the number of Heroes.  If it is less than the Level of the Feasting Hall, then you’re good to recruit.

4) Recruit!

Now you just click recruit, and be willing to pay the price.  Most likely it’ll be just gold, but as the heroes get higher it may require some medals.

Keep in mind that a higher level Inn is more likely to attract higher level Heroes.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  It means that using Hero Hunting will show you more heroes, but it makes math more difficult and it makes it harder to tell whether a hero has good or bad stats.

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