Scout Bomb Basics

Scout bombs are one of the best methods for killing large numbers of enemy troops while only losing less valuable units of your own. Also, they are a GREAT way to lose honor. If you are wondering why you need to do that, we will have a guide up soon that will go into that in detail.

How they work: Scouts are, by far, the fastest unit in the game. Due to this speed, they run past all the enemy’s troops and archer towers and actually get to fight for 1 round no matter what the enemy has. In the picture, they hit the archers. Why? Well, the game has a rather complicated formula for determining this. To make it easy for you, we turned this into a calculator! Click “Scout Bomb Calculator,” enter in all the troop totals (and the DEFENDER’S Military Tradition level) in the target city, and click “Calculate.” The calculator will AUTOMATICALLY determine which troop type you will hit and show you at the bottom!

Scout Bomb

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