Top 10 Signs You’re Addicted to Evony

10. When, despite no knowledge of engineering or carpentry, you manage to build a working trebouchet in your back garden.

9. When the National Heritage Trust writes to you asking you to cease planting flags with your name in local forests.

8. When you drive by a forest and wonder “How many archers?”.

7. When you have the judge tell you that mailing your neighbours telling them to “move out of my territory or else” is anti-social behavior.

6. When ordering a pizza you give your coords instead of address.

5. When people ask if you had a nice Christmas and you say….Christmas? When did that happen?

4. When you see a TV footage of a North Korean military parade and think “I could take him”….

3. When you go to the racetrack and keep looking for abatis.

2. When you have to rebuild a trap after the postman delivers.

1. When you legally change your name to your server id.

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  • todd okeefe says:

    When u spend more to gear up your queen then u would your wife 🙂

  • ALPHA1 says:

    When u will spend more to gear up your Queen then u would your wife

  • Engblom says:

    When you walk right next to a castle in france and yell alliance “SHIRLOCK HOMES” is looking for members. whispur or apply for a invite! and then u seaze the castle with your alliance!

  • Relentless says:

    #1 sign that u are addicted to evony is when at 3 in the morning you are screeming at your online banking screen because u only have $29.93 on your debit card and Double cents ends today

  • mick says:

    you know your addicted when you worry more about what your troops eat and not worry about eating pussy , true times

  • Maggie says:

    when you close your eye at night and all you see is way to improve your empire. The different combat tactics to defend and attack your enemies.

  • Ajay says:

    I am a student sdityung computer games design at uni and decided to investigate to see what some of these games are like etc. etc.The game is actually kind of cool (found myself addicted and even spent a little money on it).But I started to notice HUGE bandwidth use by the site as I played.I am not the only one either, there are comments on the evony forums about this.This is odd because all of the client info, the animations etc. are all downloaded in one big download at the start.There is no streaming media so I began to wonder what was going on.To cut a long story short I decided to break the law and reverse engineer Evony’s client.Not to cheat. Not to rip them off or even to use even a scrap of the code.But just to poke about a bit and find out what was going on, maybe even offer them some ways to improve things.Aside from the fact that the whole thing is very poorly constructed (it is really very beginner coder level stuff. Reminds me of a lot ofwhat the first year students produce for assignments) it contained some very interesting information.Included with the client are 2 peices of tracking software that monitor your web use and which applications you have open while the client is running.These do not install independently on the machine though due to the limitations of flash and do not actually damage anything.But they harvest massive volumes of information. My firewall was blocking a lot of outgoing transmissions and it turns out that thesewere the data trying to be sent out. So they know nothing about me. lol.However there is a LOT of data coming IN over the ports the client uses. In otherwords it is downloading something into my cache for use later.I have bandiwdth restriction which slows these types of tricks down and I completely clear my cache every couple of hours if I am heavily using the net.I also noticed that all the varanbles etc. are named Civony still and that there are multiple references to UMGE.Even a couple of folders are simply called UMGE, one of these folders contains one of the spyware programs.So I can only guess at where the data would end up if I didnt have a good firewall.There are also commented out sections in the code which contain references to UMGE and Lam himself, though low on details.Thank you for reading this.Lee

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