War Report of the Week

This weeks War Report shows just how easily cavalry and cataphract can be defeated.  This is an excellent example of a defense, and he got a random city teleporter from it too!

Next week we’ll show you how amazingly effective cavalry and cataphract can be!

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  • Surender says:

    Celts: 20% faster fiinrg and production, everything except cannons, and furor celtica rocks.Koreans: Siege onagers. Koreans are the strongest on michi.Mongols: Same tech tree as Celts for siege, speedy instead of strong.Teutons: Everything except siege ram.Saracens: Everything except heavy scorpion. Some may consider them better than Teutons.Japanese: Trebuchets are pretty useful already. Japanese have them absolutely awesome. Turks: Super cannons make up for the lack of onager.Franks: Missing siege ram and siege onager, and that’s it. I think the Japanese UT more than makes up for lacking cannons. Not necessarily true on all maps, so there’s a little leeway.Persians: Everything except siege onager and siege engineers.Aztecs: Siege onagers and siege rams are a good combination. Missing heavy scorpion and cannon drops them this far.Vikings: Everything except cannon and siege onager. I do value cannons quite highly, as you may have noticed.Spanish: Fast-firing cannons. No siege engineers, no heavy scorpion, no siege onager.Goths: Like Spanish but without siege ram and with heavy scorpion.Byzantines: Like Spanish without the fast-firing cannon bonus.Chinese: They get siege ram, onager, and superior scorpions, but missing siege engineers and cannons both is quite the problem, IMO. Mayans: Chinese without the heavy scorpion bonus.Britons: No ultimate upgrades.Huns: No onager, no heavy scorpion, no siege engineers.Notice that the Chinese, Mayans, and Huns are the only civilizations to miss both cannons and siege engineers. Britons, while they get siege engineers, get no siege ram, siege onager, heavy scorpion, or cannon. Some might rate them higher because of siege engineers, but I can’t justify it overall. Maybe on michi, but who plays Britons on michi?

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