Lvl 10 Speed Farming SECRET

Crazy Awesome Lvl 10 Farming Secret

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  • sky11 says:

    Best way to speed Farm a 10 For me is that i purposly set 4 Of my citys around a lvl 10 ANd time attack and switch is a must

  • YoBo says:

    i found that out on my on in 99. but thx for making video for others to learn. also, using tab then spacebar helps quick close a lot of menu. try it out. you’ll be surprise how many windows it can close. you do know about the 1st login, click roulette wheel, click ok for 1 amulet, then click spacebar, then click ok again. then repeat spacebar and click on ok. you can spin 1k amulet in like 2min. enjoy YoBo/SaSaOi

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