Instant Construction of Wall Defenses

Now that we know that Instant Troops aren’t a myth we can guess that Instant Wall Defenses are available as well.  That being said it is MUCH harder to get them because you aren’t likely to be beating your Politics hero against lvl 10s to level it up (although it isn’t a bad idea).  Take a look at the requirements below, including a column that shows what level you need if you have Wealth of Nations applied.  Check it out:

Instant Construction of Wall Defenses

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  • Ozdweller says:

    Like many, Ive been playing this game forever and accumulated a ridiculous sum of holy waters. When I need fortifications fast. I just take my high attack hero and turn him into a high politic hero. 350 att hero = 33 holy waters to redistribute xp

  • Expelled says:

    TCTitan is a POS he bots like crazy and still buys On Wars

  • ss62 TRUTH says:

    SS62 Is Owned by server 133 now ! we crushed s130 and s131 even tho they had months more time to grow. I guess crushing ranger was just practice for this SS62 🙂

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