Honor Explained: How to get it, how to get rid of it

There is a lot mystery surrounding Honor – the War Reports don’t really tell where the honor comes from or what it does for you so I’m going to break that down.

Honor is a representation of a player’s troop action, but not necessarily a linear one.  Having a high honor will mean that you heal less troops when in battle vs. another player.  Troop losses can often range from 50% if you have low honor and 10% if you have high honor.

You gain honor by losing more troops in battle vs. another player, the calculation is not based on troop amount but total resource amount that goes into all of the lost troops.  For instance, 1 Archer requires 300 food, 350 lumber and 300 iron to build whereas a Ballista requires 2500 food, 3000 lumber and 1800 iron to build so the loss of a Ballista would gain honor in a fight where 1 Archer and 1 Ballista are lost in a fight against eachother.

You lose honor by losing less troops in battle vs. another player, the calculation again is based on total resources lost.  There are some great ways to lose honor like:

  • Sending troops without layers to attack another player – for instance sending 100k Archers on attack will be a VERY inefficient attack and you are likely to lose all of them with very little damage, this is certain to lose a large amount of honor.

The possible tactic here is that you can wear down an opponent by simply having more troops to throw at a battle against a defender.  After you lose significant number of troops when attacking you will lose enough Honor – probably to 0 – and build up your opponents honor enough that they will only heal 10% of their losses while you’re healing 50% of losses from your attack.  This sort of Tactic favors players who spend large amounts of time on the game, especially those who farm for resources regularly – to learn more about that you can check out our Speed Farming tactics here: http://evonyexperts.com/2010/11/lvl-10-speed-farming-secret/

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