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  • Taylor says:

    hey guys i was wondering whats the best way to attack a lvl 10 npc?

  • jim says:

    what is the calc to show not quite sure I am doing it correctly

  • Jose says:

    Hi, my dear friend, What I do for plunder level 10 NPC whit only mechanic army?, thank you for your answer

  • CAM107 says:

    to farm npc10 i use 2k warrior worker scout trans and 92k archer with hero 150+att
    untill you have hero over 500+att then i use 70k archer 2k trans
    1000+att 40k archer 2k trans

  • Dy says:

    A valley farming calculator would be awesome

  • LOS says:

    u put in #’s af troops then hit calculate that calc will tell u what SB scout bombs will hit so say u have 500k archers there with just 4 sake 50k all other troops the bot will hit your archers first so then u up any other troop # higher then archers u see what it takes in other troops to protect your archers so try this put in 100k archers 50k others first then try 100k archers 200k swords see if that changes if not try more swordsmen see who many more of another troop u need to protect your arcers from sb hope that hellped

  • Gorete says:

    OK, i’m going to try to answer my own qouitsen. Since it seems the numbers in the chart are confirmed by other sources, I am going to assume that the only condition you get the specified exp is when you kill those troops and _win_ the battle. When you lose, you must get half of the experience.Now let’s check. (31030000 + 854505) :2 = 15 942 252.5voila.PS maybe it’s common knowlegde about half-exp gained from lost hits. I just didn’t find anything in the article about it and that’s why my initial calculations were wrong and confusing.

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