Author: Krieg

  • War Report of the Week

    This weeks War Report shows just how easily cavalry and cataphract can be defeated.  This is an excellent example of a defense, and he got a random city teleporter from it too! Next week we’ll show you how amazingly effective cavalry and cataphract can be!

  • Scout Bomb Basics

    Scout bombs are one of the best methods for killing large numbers of enemy troops while only losing less valuable units of your own. Also, they are a GREAT way to lose honor. If you are wondering why you need to do that, we will have a guide up soon that will go into that in detail. How they work: Scouts are, by far, the fastest unit in the game. Due to this speed, they run past all the enemy’s […]

  • Don’t leave your horses in danger…..

    I think the war report says it all. Defending with horses is not usually a good idea, except as described in our advanced defense tactics. As you can see here, leaving them in harms way can have devastating consequences (especially when the defender can only heal 10% on this report). A subsequent wave wiped the rest of the cavalry as well as most of the rest of the cataphracts. The defender had full wall defenses with 17,702 archer towers as […]

  • Free Resources: Level 10 Farming

    As you progress in evony, the need for more food and hero experience takes over and you must begin farming level 10 NPCs. For heroes with 180+ attack the below formula works very well.

  • Free Resources: Level 5 Farming

    Farming is the key to building and keeping large armies in evony. The best way to do so, while not losing any troops, is by farming level 5 NPC cities. To ensure that you have 0 losses you will need to check your technologies compared with the farming guide on our site. 550 ballistae is enough no matter what if you have the proper techs, 350 ballistae works if you have 100+ attack for your hero.

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