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  • Scout Bomb Basics

    Scout bombs are one of the best methods for killing large numbers of enemy troops while only losing less valuable units of your own. Also, they are a GREAT way to lose honor. If you are wondering why you need to do that, we will have a guide up soon that will go into that in detail. How they work: Scouts are, by far, the fastest unit in the game. Due to this speed, they run past all the enemy’s […]

  • The Power of a Hero

    One of the least understood aspects of Evony is heroes. ┬áHere is an excellent example of a hero’s strong attribute changing the tide of a battle. While we don’t know the attributes on the defending here we know what Meredith’s are: Meredith: Politics: 54 Attack: 324+81 = 405 Intelligence: 25 Loyalty: 100 This is an excellent example of how a well trained hero can change the tide of battle in your favor so look around for some more information about […]

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