NPC – Non-Player Controlled town.  These are towns that have been abandoned and aren’t controlled by any other player.  The flags will appear black.

Also known as: Barb, Lvl X

Farming – refers to the action of attacking other cities (generally NPCs) for resources (or sometime for experience) with little or no losses.  All levels of NPCs can be farmed in addition to valleys and other players.

Ballista – have a long shooting range and are effective against other siege weapons. Ballista are vital for farming NPCs without losses and extremely useful for effective defense.

Medal farming is a term for engaging in activities that will predictably yield medals on a recurring basis. Medals are used for upgrading your rank and are one of the more difficult items to farm for. How to get Medals
There are three ways in which you may acquire medals:

* Attacking Valleys and NPC Cities.* Winning them on the wheel. * Purchasing them with real life money.Medal “Grinding”

Freedom Medal


Increase a hero’s loyalty by 40 when rewarded and is used for hero persuasion.

Wisdom Medal

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Increase a hero’s loyalty by 30 when rewarded and is used for hero persuasion.

Justice Medal

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Increase a hero’s loyalty by 50 when rewarded and is used for hero persuasion.

Cross Medal

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Increase a hero’s loyalty by 5 when rewarded and is used for hero persuasion.

Rose Medal

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Increases a hero’s loyalty by 10 when rewarded, and is used for hero persuasion. More importantly, you need them for Promotion Advancement. Don’t use your Rose Medals early in the game for anything but for Promotion Advancement, you will need Ten Rose medals be promoted to Baronet.

Lion Medal

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Increase a hero’s loyalty by 15 when rewarded and is used for hero persuasion.

Honor Medal

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Increases a hero’s loyalty by 20 when rewarded and is used for hero persuasion.

Nation Medal

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Increase a hero’s loyalty by 60 when rewarded and is used for hero persuasion.

Courage Medal

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Increase a hero’s loyalty by 25 when rewarded and is used for hero persuasion.

Type of Troops


Scout can refer to either:

1. Scout (troop), a type of troop that performs scout missions.

1. Scout (mission), a type of mission for gathering intelligence, which generates scout reports.



General Information:

Designed for transportation of resources, these units are vulnerable to attacks.



General Information
Designed for logistics transportation, they barely have any fighting ability.


General Information:

Equipped with long pikes, they are effective against horsemen.


General Information:

The strongest melee unit, they are effective against archers.


General Information

Archers are good at performing assaults from long distances. They are effective against nearly all types of infantry.

Archers are the most important troop to have. A large archer army is almost impossible to beat, as they outrange everything but siege weapons.


General Information

Light-armored units that are fast and flexible, they are ideal for performing raids and plunders. On the down side they are expensive and slow to recruit.


General Information

Heavily armored cavalry that are both excellent in attack and defence, but are costly.

  • Ballista

    General Information

    Ballista have a long shooting range and are effective against other siege weapons.

    They are very effective against fortifications as they out-range Archer Towers. Currently, they can capture Cities on their own without any supporting troops. Balanced against this is the amount of resources required to build them and the very slow rate of training.


    General Information:

    Horse carriage enables you to carry great amounts of resources.


    General Information

    Catapults throw huge rocks from a long distance; they are most effective in destroying enemy fortifications.

    Battering Ram

    General Information

    Battering Ram is a heavy support weapon, which used for overcoming opponent’s fortification.

    Types of Buildings

    Town Hall

    General Information:

    The Town Hall is the administrative center the city. Here, players modify Production, Tax Rate, Comfort, and Levy parameters. Each upgrade of a city’s Town Hall increases the number of valleys a player can conquer. Upgrading a Town Hall also increases a city’s resource fields by 3. Every city begins with a Level One Town Hall. Caution: Upgrading a Town Hall to level 5 while under beginners  protection will remove beginners protection, placing you at the mercy of stronger players while you are still building up.


    General Information:

    The Warehouse stores resources, preventing enemy plundering in the event of a raid or attack. Resources stored in a Warehouse are not able to be taken by an opponent unless the attacking player has researched Privateering (which is only 3% each level, offering 30% on level 10). Warehouse capacity can be increased by researching the Stockpile technology. Each level of Stockpile offers an increased capacity of 10%.


    General Information:

    Cottages offer shelter to citizens, and increase a city’s population limit.


    General Information:

    The Inn is used to recruit Heroes. Increasing the level of Inn allows for more Heroes of higher level to be present at any point in time. The quality of available Heroes varies.

    There is a trade-off between initial level and Stats for Politics, Attack and Intelligence. Higher level Heroes hit diminishing returns for improvements – each Stat increase requires more experience. This makes a low level Hero that can be developed a much more attractive recruiting prospect than a higher level one with better Stats. Financially, low level Heroes are cheap to hire and keep. In this L5 Inn example, Rachel has the best Attack Stat, but at level 22 she costs 22k to sign on and then 440 gold/hr. Her next level up for a Stat increase is at 48400 experience, and the next level will be even higher. Faithe is cheap to hire and keep and won’t need much experience to level up, but her Stats are unimpressive. The Inn population resets over time, so in this example it’s a quick “Thank you for your time today. Next!”


    General Information

    Embassies host troops from alliance members and will guard a cities open gate. Those who are hurt in battle are sent immediately to their origin city medic camp in the senders rally spot. A reinforcer should be made aware of her|his troops having been in a battle as they may have troops to heal.


    General Information

    The Marketplace facilitates resources trading with other players, the higher the level the more transactions can be done at any given time. The money is gold.

    Feasting Hall

    General Information:

    The Feasting Hall is the residence of the heroes. You can check the status of heroes, upgrade stats, give rewards, and dismiss them. There must be vacancies in the hall if you want to hire a hero. There must also be a vacancy if you capture a hero during combat. A captured Hero can either be Persuaded to join you (same cost as hiring in the Inn) or Released. Also it is a good idea to keep Hero ‘seats’ spare in case either one of your cities is about to be lost and you want to save them, or one of your cities has been devastated/plundered and cannot pay the Heroes from City Tax



    General Information

    Soldier training and dismissal are conducted in the Barracks, the higher the level the more advanced army branches can be trained.

    Rally Spot

    File:Rally spot.jpg

    General Information

    The Rally Spot is a place for military assembly, where you can give an order to attack or conduct a military exercise, check your army’s status and intelligence, adjust your attacking and defending strategy. For more info please view the page on attacking.

    The higher the level of your rally spot, the more troops you can dispatch at a time. Use of a War Rally Flag item

    (War Ensign) will bump this by an extra 25%.
    The ‘Open Gate to Fight’ option determines whether your army adds it’s strength to the city defenses, or stays safely in barracks to leave the Wall defenses to take on an attack unaided.



    General Information

    In an Academy, you primarily spend Gold to research particular technologies. If you have a second city, it will need an Academy of the same level to “share” the already completed technologies. Construction Research is the one exception. The time reduction from Construction will apply to all cities, regardless of their Academy status.

    Beacon Tower

    File:Beacon tower.jpg

    General Information

    The beacon tower is used to send warnings of invasions. The higher the Beacon Towers level is, the more detailed information you gain. It is rumored that Informatics has an influence on the amount of information as well.



    General Information

    A Forge is essential to research Military Science, which improves the speed at which troops can be trained. A level 2 Forge is required for a Workshop to be built, which is a prerequisite for building Walls, researching Metal Casting, and developing some types of offense and defense mechanics.



    General Information

    Horses are raised in the stable, and horsemen develop along with the stable’s level.
    The Stable allows Horseback Riding to be researched.



    General Information

    A workshop is required for researching Metal Casting, which is a prerequisite for some offense and defense mechanics. A level 1 workshop is needed for building Walls.

    Relief Station

    File:Relief station.jpg

    General Information

    The Relief Station reduces travel time amongst your cities and those allied with you(your alliance partners). Speed is determined by the level of the sending city’s Relief Station.

    Multiplier increases at levels 1, 4, 5, 8, and 10.



    General Information

    Strong and firm city walls built around the city provide significant protection against attacks and invasions. All kinds of fortified units can be built here.

    Types of Techonology


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    General Information:

    • Each level of Lumbering increases production by 10% of base production.
    • Requires:
      • Academy Level 1
    • Quest: Scientific Research:
      • Lumbering Lv.1 Award: Gold 2,400



    General Information

    • Each level of Agriculture increase production by 10% of base production.
    • Requires:
      • Academy Level 1
    • Quest: Scientific Research:
      • Agriculture Lv.1 Award: Gold 2,000



    General Information

    • Each level of Masonry increases production by 10% of base production.
    • Requires:
      • Academy Level 2
    • Quest: Scientific Research:
      • Masonry Lv.1 Award: Gold 3,000



    General Information

    • Each level of Mining increase production by 10% of base production.
    • Requires:
      • Academy Level 2
      • Masonry Level 1
    • Quest: Scientific Research:
      • Mining Lv.1 Award: Gold 4,000

    Metal Casting

    File:Metal Casting.png

    General Information

    • Each level of Metal Casting increases construction speed of mechanics by 10%.
    • Requires:
      • Academy Level 3
      • Mining Level 2
    • Quest: Scientific Research:
      • Metal Casting Lv.1 Award: Gold 10,000


    General Information

    Each level of informatics increases the amount of data your scouts gain when spying. When you scout a location, there is an check against any opposing troops. Scouting a high level location or a location with a high-level hero is harder, and requires a higher level of Informatics to counter. To successfully scout, use 10 scouts per the valley’s or Barbarian Town’s level.

    The Beacon Tower is also required to scout enemy cities. If you scout a lvl10 NPC with lvl10 informatics, the Beacon Tower level will limit what you can see as if you had informatics the same level as the Beacon Tower. If your second city does not have a Beacon Tower, it will not provide very much information in a Scouting Report, even if its Academy Level is as high as the Academy level of your first city.

    • Requires Academy Level 3
    • Quest: Scientific Research: Informatics Lv.1 Award: Gold ??

    Military Science


    “I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.” – John Adams

    While truly masterful works on war by men like Sun Tzu and Machiavelli have remained valuable since their creation, the acknowledgement of Military Science as a field of study separate from war itself only began in the seventeenth century. During the next two hundred years, numerous treatises on contemporary warfare surfaced. Two of the most influential military scientists of their time, Carl von Clausewitz and Antoine Henri-Jomeni, birthed a rivalry that continues to this day, focused in large part on their major works, Clausewitz’s “On War” and Jomeni’s “The Art of War”.

    Iron Working

    General Information

    Increases army defense by 5% per upgrade.


    General Information

    • Each level of Compass increases infantry moving speed by 10%.
    • Requires: Academy Level 4
    • Quest: Scientific Research: Compass Lv.1 Award: Gold 6000


    Importance of Archery

    Archery is the most important thing to learn as you can read about in Range. The higher your archery level, the more range your archers have. This allows your archers to get free attacks on your opponents. It’s great when you can eliminate half of your enemies’ forces before they even have a chance to attack.



    It is advised that you do not use a space up with a warehouse. But instead use the space for another barrack.

    — Disagreed, having up to three warehouses at high levels will discourage the high prestige players looking for farms. ( combined with low resources in town ofcourse ) Not having any will make higher prestige players farm you. If you’re lacking barracks its more profitable to lose some cottages instead. After all, having a ton of barracks but no resources to build an army with won’t get you anywhere as well.

    Agree, Warehouses will never hide enough resources…. when you have millions…. waste of time. +1, get your self a good alliance, this will deter farmers more then warehouses will.

    — Disagree, again. Although it is true that Warehouses offer very little when used in the general sense, there is a plus side to them. When dealing with an army that consumes literally hundreds of thousands of food a day it is a good idea to do the following. Build two Level 10 Warehouses. This will set your overall holding limit to 1,100,000 (Each Level 10 holds 550,000 so double is 1,100,000). Once this is done, upgrade your Stockpile to Level 10, which will add an additional 100% to your total holdings. This will double your total amount to 2,200,000. Now that this has been done, set the amounts of Food to 100 and the other three to zero. What this means is that even if you are plundered, if your Warehouses survive, you will have plenty of food to plunder several NPCs and regain your materials. In a sense, it can be considered a Doomsday Bunker, haha. In another situation, you could Stockpile 2,200,000 Lumber, Stone, or Iron (Only one at a time) which will give your user a cushion, being able to sell it in the Marketplace for a decent amount of Gold, should your city collapse and you need it.


    Compound Improvement Speed

    Because construction time is one of the most crucial elements to this game, I thought it would be useful to layout specifically how advancing Construction will aid in your construction time.

    You may notice from the sections below that each subsequent Construction level improves your building speed by 10%. It’s important to keep in mind that this is not an aggregate sum, but rather a compounding formula. In other words, level 3 Construction doesn’t increase your building time by 30%, it increases it by 10% then 10% then 10%. One should note that there is a considerable difference between the two, particularly as the level increases.



    Machinery increases the rate of fortified units (those units built on the walls) instantly regenerating themselves at the end of a battle. The higher level the more wall units survive. The base rate is dependant on the unit, and every upgrade increases the total rate by an amount equal to the base rate. Level 1 allows 2 times the base, and level 10 will allow 11 times the base, for example.

    If an attack would reduce the remaining fortified units of that type to zero, then the base rate is reduced to 0%, and no units of that type will regenerate at all.
    The base rate of repair for each unit is as follows:

                   Trap - 5%
                 Abatis - 5%
           Archer Tower - ?   (towers always incur 100% loss in a losing battle, so I was unable to obtain any data)
            Rolling Log - 7%
    Defensive Trebuchet - 8%


    Thumbnail for version as of 21:01, 22 August 2010


    Privateering gives your attacking army the chance to plunder those annoying Warehouses. A higher research level allows you to steal more from a Warehouse.

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