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  • Mech Wave Basics

    When mech waves are useful: Mech waves are the perfect wave to send when your opponent has a lot of fodder (workers, warriors, pikes, swords), archers to back up that fodder, and has traps and/or abatis.  Also, mech waves work even when the opponent is online!  For me, there are two great approaches to killing the army above.  One involves some waves designed solely to kill the fodder followed by some scout bombs until it can be wiped out with […]

  • Free Resources: Level 5 Farming

    Farming is the key to building and keeping large armies in evony. The best way to do so, while not losing any troops, is by farming level 5 NPC cities. To ensure that you have 0 losses you will need to check your technologies compared with the farming guide on our site. 550 ballistae is enough no matter what if you have the proper techs, 350 ballistae works if you have 100+ attack for your hero.

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