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  • Instant Construction of Wall Defenses

    Now that we know that Instant Troops aren’t a myth we can guess that Instant Wall Defenses are available as well.  That being said it is MUCH harder to get them because you aren’t likely to be beating your Politics hero against lvl 10s to level it up (although it isn’t a bad idea).  Take a look at the requirements below, including a column that shows what level you need if you have Wealth of Nations applied.  Check it out: […]

  • How to Recruit a Killer Hero

    Recruiting an awesome hero isn’t difficult or expensive like most people say. It just takes some know how. You need to complete the following four steps: Calculate a heroes’ base statistic Find a good hero Have an open spot in the Feasting Hall Recruit your killer hero. 1) Calculate a heroes’ base stats To find a base statistic you want to know what the heroes value of a certain attribute (Politics, Attack or Intelligence) is at lvl 1. Take Heather […]

  • Free Resources: Level 10 Farming

    As you progress in evony, the need for more food and hero experience takes over and you must begin farming level 10 NPCs. For heroes with 180+ attack the below formula works very well.

  • Free Resources: Level 5 Farming

    Farming is the key to building and keeping large armies in evony. The best way to do so, while not losing any troops, is by farming level 5 NPC cities. To ensure that you have 0 losses you will need to check your technologies compared with the farming guide on our site. 550 ballistae is enough no matter what if you have the proper techs, 350 ballistae works if you have 100+ attack for your hero.

  • The Power of a Hero

    One of the least understood aspects of Evony is heroes.  Here is an excellent example of a hero’s strong attribute changing the tide of a battle. While we don’t know the attributes on the defending here we know what Meredith’s are: Meredith: Politics: 54 Attack: 324+81 = 405 Intelligence: 25 Loyalty: 100 This is an excellent example of how a well trained hero can change the tide of battle in your favor so look around for some more information about […]

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